Bear-faced lies

Short stories by B. Mamatha
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New fiction - front cover, bear-faced lies modern short story collection

In the dystopian world of Out of nature, both the heroes and the villains are bears. One is the hunted and the other the hunter – yet the lines between the two are often blurred: it ends bloodily. Company business sees ungainly outsider Famke’s life derailed by an erroneous job offer. Putting it right takes him into a nightmarish city of concrete, corporatism … and beautiful friendship. Each day, the sun spans the lifetime of two sisters living at the edge of the world. Told through everyday incidents both comic and heart-wrenching, we see the fabric of their lives, love and petty rivalries. The plague house could hardly be more different: a young boy is one of the few survivors of an illness that has destroyed the world. When a stranger invades his sanctuary, he finds his existence under threat once more. Finally, Of Icarus, tells a fantastical tale laced with sadness: an old man recounts a story he once heard, and which he still believes – of the day the wind stopped.

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