Assorted Scoundrels


Tales of the unaccepted: short stories of outsiders & misfits, dystopia & delusion.

B. Mamatha writes about human nature through the lens of extraordinary events: here are people reacting to terrible transformation, dystopian worlds, delusion, and the everyday struggle for grace.

The Burner Fallacy

A factory worker dreams of pulling off a life insurance scam – all he has to do is survive the furnace.

Man Buntu

A cantankerous store keeper recalls a life in the middle of nowhere, and the workshy shop boy who tried to put him right. Big dreams; bigger delusions.

Curdle Sight

A young girl develops an unnatural gift. Her parents don’t react well.

After the Wake

A grieving man builds a robot dog … but who brings whom to life?

Meta Variations

A musician leaves his orchestra, only to find they go further without him. So it goes.


Unhappily married, until the lady vanishes. Or does she?

The Gift

A phone call in the early hours, guilt, and the dangers of predicting the future.

ISBN 978-0992939472