The house they couldn’t build


B. Mamatha writes strange fiction: beautifully crafted and seemingly recognisable worlds in which  the unlikely meets the impossible head on.

“The settings for the six stories in this collection are rundown and often desolate places—“full of empty houses and squatters and junkies and people who wouldn’t or couldn’t hear you if you were screaming blue murder”” (BookLife)

Pork Chop

A masked gang calls in on a young family. They’re not just stopping for tea and small talk.

The Gunnard Ultimatum

A writer stuck out in the hills finds life is stranger – and more inviting – than fiction.

The Mirror Trick

The story of the girl in the mirror. Except when she comes out of the mirror and mingles with the family that doesn’t want her.

The Smoke

Introducing Keith and his big lizard. Not a euphemism.


The story of the Sarmoset. You know … the Sarmoset: hideous, slow moving and inescapable. Yes, that Sarmoset.

A Game of Invention

Another deluded writer remembers the old times, but no one wants his brand of invention.

ISBN: 978-0992939434